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    Q1. What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump (also known as a reverse cycle air conditioner) is a very clever device that extracts heat energy from one volume of air and transfers it to another.

   Q2. How do Heat Pumps work?

Heat pumps do not generate heat but extract it from one body of air and transfer it to another. They use the same principle as your fridge, compressing gas and then allowing it to expand, extracting heat as it does so.

   Q3.Is heats pump new technology?

It's revolutionary technology, but it's not new! SUNMAX brandhave been designing and making heat pumps for over 8 years and the SUNMAX brand air-to-water heat pump was first launched in 2007. Since then over 700 SUNMAX brand heatpump systems have been installed throughout India. So they are already a tried and trusted alternative to expensive fossil fuel systems - and more efficient too.

   Q4. What types of Heat Pump Systems are available in sunmax brand?

A. There are various heat pump systems available: Domestic system: - it is suitable for an individual home, which contain 3 to 6 rooms Commercial system: - it is suitable for multiple room situations, like hotel, hostel, hospital, apartments, etc.. Pool systems. It is suitable to maintain the water temperature in entire swimming pool.

   Q5. Why are Heat Pumps better than other forms of heating?

SUNMAX brandHeat pumps offer many benefits over other forms of heating. Firstly they are much cheaper to run giving up to 4 times more heat than you pay.

   Q6. Are Heat Pumps reliable?

Yes. SUNMAX brandHeat pumps are extremely reliable. They use the same process as a home fridge or freezer and have the same level of dependability and life expectancy.

   Q7. Do Heat Pumps cause stuffiness?

No. Unlike fires and glowing electrical elements, heat pumps don't burn oxygen.

   Q8. Is a heat pump a reliable source of heat?

Yes! SUNMAX brandheat pump is more than capable of delivering heating and hot water throughoutthe year - even when the outside temperature is -5 C.

   Q9.How much does it cost to run a Heat Pump?

This depends on the amount of heating required. SUNMAX brandHeat pumps transfer heat from outside air and in this way produce three to four times more heat. Its efficiency is 300% to 400%. This means for every 8kw of heating you pay for around 2kw of electric energy. Heat pump heating is roughly one quarter the cost of electric heating and about one third the cost of gas heating.

   Q10.Should I use my heat pumps 24 hours a day?

Yes, you should use heat pumps 24hrs a day. The other heating appliance should not be used for 24 hours a day because it should affected appliance efficiency and lifespan . SUNMAX brandHeat pumps are temperature based equipment. Whenever there is a drop in the temperature ( whatever minimum temperature we have set) it automatically switch on and will again try to reach the set temperature.
Sizing of heat pump , hot water storage tank along with the water consumption decides the running hours of the.
For example, when running 2kw SUNMAX brandheat pump for a couple of hours in the morning and four hours in the evening you could expect to rack up around Rs.2520 in power usage per month. Compare this to running an8kw bar heater for the same period of time, which would cost you a whopping Rs10, 080 per month

   Q11. Can a heat pump is programmed to operate automatically?

Yes, SUNMAX brand offers a electrical Controller which maintain water temperature 24hrs which is based on water temperature in hot water storage tank. If the hot water temperature will reduce, our heatpump will run to maintain water temperature till the setting temperature reached. This means that you can plan your heat pump's operation for an entire day! Ensuring you stay comfortable in your property without wasting both time and money for manual operation.

   Q12.What is the average life-span of a Heat Pump?

It can vary, depending on how much the system is used and how regularly it is checked or serviced. Generally, the average life-span of units is about 15 years, but individual units may vary and last much longer depending on use and how well they are maintained. Newer units are expected to last even longer.

   Q13. What kind of maintenance does a heat pump require?

SUNMAX brand heat pumps require some basic maintenance to ensure optimum performance. In most cases keeping the filters and coils, strainers are recommended during period of time to ensure its proper efficiency. and can be performed easily by the people.

   Q14. How long does it take to install?

Most of the SUNMAX brands Heat Pumps are user-friendly type. So it is just a plug-in type to use. Just like a fan, ac

   Q15.Do you have externally audited customer satisfaction figures?

Yes. Under our Quality Management certification ISO9001 our customer satisfaction is independently audited and is presently rated as excellent to good by 98% of customers.

   Q16. Can I visit to see the existing heat pumps?

We have an established database of happy Heat Pump customers, many of whom are satisfying with the SUNMAX brand heat pumps who are considering a renewable energy heating system. Visit can be arranged via our Technical Sales representatives.

   Q17. If my Heat Pump was faulty what would happen?

One of the many advantages of SUNMAX brandHeat Pumps is that they are incredibly reliable and it's very rare for them to fail at all. Occasionally however there may be minor faults and for this we have equipped technical service team to resolve the issue at earliest.. Our special customer service number is available for service complaints only.