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Solar Water Heater

  •  Solar Water Heater

    Sunmax Solar Water heating system consists of evacuated solar collector tubes as the heat- absorting elements. The high vacuum degree of the clearance between the outer and inner tube reduces the heat emission which is caused by convection and conduction. The layer films(coating) of the all glass evacuated tube transfer  the sun energy into heat energy. The high absorption and low emittance rate of sunmax films is unique. Depending on the different density between the hot water and cold water, a water flowing cycle is created in the tube.  Hot water flows automatically upwards while the cold water flows downward. The heated water stored in SS 304 2 B grade with PUF insulated water tank. The water in the storage tank, will be have a heat retention for three days.

    • Features of Solar water heater:
    • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel.
    • High quality vacuum tubes made from Borosilicate minimize heat loss.
    • Negligible scaling of tube.
    • SS304 tank with Aluminum/ Stainless Steel Cladding.
    • High quality PUF insulation minimizes the heat loss of water inside the tank.
    • Greater absorption area, auto sun tracking due to circular shape of vacuum tubes.
    • Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days.
    • ISI Electric backup heater (optional to the customer).
    • Compact size, low height, light weight. Easy to install and transport.
    • Advanced technology at competitive rates.
    • Huge savings on electricity and fuel charges.

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