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Industrial Water Heater

  • Industrial solar water heater is suitable for minimum 1,000 LPD to 1,00,000 LPD capacity. This System control by differential temperature controlling system. The water requires additional force to push the hot water collected in the solar collector. The Digital Temprature Controller senses the Inlet and Outlet temperature of the water, If the thermal difference is more than 2 degree centigrade, The DTC switches on the pump and the hot water in the collector is forced to flow into the storage tank.

    Advantages of the solar system

    • We can get hot water at 90° centigrade.
    • We can install solar collector and tank in different level areas.
    • We can get more efficiency compare with natural thermosyphor heating systems
    • This system is suitable for all industrial applications likes Hotel, Hospital, Institutions, Industrial applications, dairy etc.

    FPC Industrial Model Water Heater

        Industrial Water Heater has the following features : 

    •  Life time of solar water heater is minimum 15 years.
    • Always We can get Hot water anytime without electric power.
    • No possibility of getting electric shock
    • No Maintenance and operating cost.
    • Hard water also can be use
    • Substantial Savings in Electricity
    • Fastest Payback

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