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Heat Pump Water Heater


    The compressor absorbs low temperature and low pressuregaseous refrigerant from the evaporator, using input electrical energy, the compressor will compress the refrigerant into high temperature and high pressure state, and then the heat will be exchanged by the condenser which improves the water temperature to working temperature; while the high pressure liquid refrigerant after chilled to release of heat is throttled and depressurized by the throttle valve it will have forcible convection by the fan in the evaporator then it will absorb heat from air and evaporate it to low pressure gaseous refrigerant and then it will be absorbed into the compressor to do work, such whole process will be circulated repeatedly to make domestic water.

    Pay Back Calculation: example


    Saving Summary for 5000 litrs per day
    Electric heater Cost of Electricity Rs. 1232/day Rs.36,960/month Rs.4,43,520/year
    Boiler Cost of Diesel Rs. 1155/day Rs.34,650/month Rs.4,15,800/Year
    Heat Pump Rs. 306/day Rs. 9180/month Rs.1,10,160/Year



    • Quick Heat Generation
    • Eco-Friendly & Easy to install
    • Less area required for installation
    • Round the clock availability of Hot water
    • Economical and durable
    • Advanced de-frosting technology with high efficiency
    • Less maintance with totally safe and reliable
    • Fully Automatic Microcomputer controlled system
    • Fashionable appearance
    • Low maintenance & operating cost
    • Ideal for Hospitals, Hostels, Hotels, Dairies, Canteens, Industries, Govt House etc.,
    • High efficiency and energy saving
    • Safety
      1). Complete isolation between water and electricity, No electric shock problem, more safety.
      2). No potential danger from gas poisoning, fire, and oil leakage.
    • Eco-friendly
      1). No pollution.
      2). Reduce green huse gas emission by 50%
    • Directly produce 60 C hot water after the unit starts. The hot water can be supplemented to storage water tank for availability at any time
    • Easy and simple installation: Only need to connect with pipelines the plug in.
    • Intelligent digital controller for precise control and easy operation.
    • Self-diagnostic control panel monitors and troubleshoots heat pump operations to ensure safe and reliable operation.
    • Highly integrated system with a few attached devices,convenient for maintenance.
    • Only a few accessories are needed, saving cost of installation aterials.
    • All season running. Operates in wide ambient temperature range from - 15 C to 43 C, which means it can work not just in sunny days, but night, heavy coloudy and snowy days.
    • Long- life and corrosion resistant composite cabinet stands up to se

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