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Domestic Heat Pump

  • Sunmax Manufactureres a wide range of Domestic model Heat Pump . An innovative and environmental friendly alternative to traditional water heating systems . This KInd of Domestic heat pump is suitable for bungalow, Individual Villa ,Apartmets Etc 






    • Your home is having 5 Bathrooms.
    • Delivery of water from the rain shower size (9” X 9”)  230mm/230mm at 3 bar pressure is 25 to 30 Ltrs per minutes.
    • Bathing time per person is minimum 10 minutes.
    • We are assuming 5 person in your home. So, hot water requirement is 5 person X 30 ltrs X 10 minutess = 1500 lts.
    • Maximum body skin temperature is 40 to 45°C.
    • Total electrical unit required to heat 1500 ltrs capacity from 30 to 60°C =1500 X 1.01 X 30 /860 = 52.8 units
    • Electrical heating cost is 52 uts X Rs. 8 per unit = Rs. 416/-
    • Maximum capacity of Geyser available in the market is 50 ltrs with 3 kw or 6 kw filament.
    • Total Electricity required is 18 kw power ( 5 bathrooms X 3kw geyser). Installing 3 kw geyser in each bathroom is 15kw power to fulfill your hot water requirement.
    • Total time required to heat 50 ltrs X 1.01 X ( 65-20)=

    50 X 1.01 x 45 / 860 = 2.64 kw

    2.64/3 kw = 0.88

    0.88 X 60 minutes = 50 minutes. Geyser connected load is 3kw. So, time required to heat 50 ltrs water is 52 minutes.

    • After consumed the hot water from the geyser we have to wait to take bath minimum 52 mints for another person.


    1. Its required more Electrical power.

    2. Its required more Time.

    3. Hot water storage capacity is very less.

    4. Its possible to get electric shock.

    5. Its occupying  more space.

    6. Its require more maintenance.

    7. Always power supply is required to take bath.




    Total electrical unit required to heat 1500 ltrs capacity from 30 to 60°C is

    • 2T  Heat pump Input power = 2 kw
    • 2 T Heat Pump Heating Output in kw =   COP (Co –efficient of performance of Heat Pump is 4  X  Input Power of the heat pump  ) =  4 X 2 = 8KW So, 52 / 8KW =   6.5 hrs.
    • Electricity required  per  1500 ltrs   for heat pump = 6.5 X 2 kw= 13 units.
    • Cost of Electricity = 13 units X 8 =  Rs. 104 / Day                                   




    • We can save 85% of cost and Energy when compare with conventional heating system.
    • 1 KW input generate 4 KW Output.
    • Eco friendly and green energy product.
    • 24/7 hot water supply throughout the year.
    • It works in any conditional climate.
    • Less area required for installation.
    • Zero Maintenance  when compare with solar and other heating conventional heating system
    • Totally safe and reliable.
    • Fashionable appearance.
    • Fully Automatic Micro Controller.
    • Quick Heat Generation.
    • Ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Dairies, Canteens, Industries, Govt Houses, Individual villas, Apartments etc.
    • By product is cold air which can ducted and bring down the air conditioning bill.
    • No waiting time for hot water as it present depend on sunshine.


    Comparison between Sunmax Heat Pump and Other Branded Heat Pump

                                    SUNMAX HEAT PUMPS


    gfdsgdfgSunmax Heat Pumps Manufactured in  India considering Indian Standard



    100% Imported Heat Pumps

    IMG_20141213_123105Water Cooled Shell and tube with Nippon Grooved Copper pipe  Heat Exchanger with four Pass water flow system in & out1½” BSP thread Connection

    Most of the Heat pump are using plate type heat exchanger.

    Our Dixell controller are designed in such a way that, they can be sustain voltage fluctuation and gives a long life span

    Only used Micro Controller failure due to voltage fluctuation.

    Emersion Copeland Compressor  Model Scroll Hermatically sealed with automatic overload protection


     They are using Sanyo/ Hitachi / Panasonic etc.,

    Lied Air make grade 3215 Micron fiber media designed 10 Micron washable filter

    No filter provision

    Heat pump can run for more than 10 Hour per day

    You cannot run these system for long hours very low configuration.

    Cost effective with high productivity for long life span

    Systems fail and trouble frequently need to be serviced regularly.

    Heat pump spares parts we can get anywhere in India.

    You have to depend only the supplier of Heat Pump

    Anyone can attend the problems of the Heat Pump

    You have to depend the supplier of heat pump.

    No need to chemical cleaning oftenly

    Should be cleaned regularly

    We  take Co-efficient of performance ΔT = 30ºC

    Other Heat can take only Co-efficient of performance ΔT = 15ºC


    Split Air to Water Heat Pump




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